Uplifting Flights

Making memories – and cheeky smiles

Since 2020, Uplift in Kind has been bringing joy to families who have been going through tough times. In fact, since the very first flight in a four seat Cessna, the social enterprise has facilitated hundreds of unforgettable aviation experiences including helicopters, skydives, private jets, Boeing 787 Dreamliners and even a military jet trainer.

Uplifting Flights

DC3 'Betsy'

Uplift in Kind has organised many trips in ‘Betsy’, the Ardmore based DC3. At times, we have up to 28 people on board these flights. Such an awesome Auckland scenic flight experience and Santa comes for the Christmas flights.

Uplifting Flights

Stormtrooper Escort

Jonty was flown to high altitude one night over Christchurch with his family to find the star named after him. He entered through a star lit hangar donning his space suit to board his private ‘spaceship’ (a private jet!). His personal on-board astronomer made sure he found his star that night.

Uplifting Flights

Albatross L39 Military Jet Trainer

A father and son recently took side-by-side flights in their very own Albatross L39 fighter jets, sharing the fun and enjoying a friendly dog fight over Tauranga. Michael Holland from TV1 came along to see the fun.

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Have you or your family suffered some hardship? Check out where we fly to see if we currently have one of our awesome aviation partners in your area, if we do then let’s go and have some fun and get you up flying! Please submit an application so that we can learn more about you or someone you know.

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