Aviation for Good

Uplift in Kind is a flying program designed to deliver awesome aviation experiences for those who are seriously unwell, disadvantaged or otherwise doing it tough.

Our Founder

Tony McCombe

Tony McCombe is a veteran of the New Zealand aviation industry. He’s worked many years as a pilot providing air ambulance services, as a Base Manager of the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service and is currently the CEO of DJets, a private jet charter business based out of Auckland.

It was during Tony’s experience flying air ambulance services, and seeing a lot of hardship along the way, that he saw an opportunity to make a difference – by bringing some joy to the lives of those who were suffering. Having grown up with a severely handicapped brother, Tony saw first-hand the support needed to help families in similar situations. He was a regular fund raiser for charitable events in support of the Intellectually Handicapped Children Society and this developed a lifelong philanthropic streak that has led to the establishment of Uplift in Kind.

Tony’s vision is to put as many people doing it tough as possible on uplifting flights, care flights or other exciting aviation experiences. As he says, “everybody involved with Uplift in Kind gets a huge reward from being part of the program. It’s hard not to shed a tear when you see the joy people get from having these wonderful experiences.”

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